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Not your ordinary tour

Hilo Food Tours is an experience, a walking culinary and historical journey which we make together through Hilo town. These tasty dishes have become a part of the food landscape of Hawaii and are enjoyed by everyone. Our customers will experience the history and culture of Hawaii through their taste buds, leaving them with an appreciation for a place known for its beauty and mystery. This is what makes Hawaii unique and this is what we want you, our customers, to experience.

Our 1.5 hour walking tour takes place in our quaint town of Hilo. We will tour 4-6 different eateries throughout Hilo town and sample the wonderful flavors each offers in their dishes. As we walk her streets you will learn the history and background of the area and be taken away to another time and place. A place rich in diversity that makes Hilo unique. You will experience each individual culture through your taste buds, savoring the richness and unique spices used in every dish.



Hilo Lunch Tour

Our 1.5 hour walking lunch tour will visit 5-6 different establishments throughout downtown Hilo and sample the delicious and exotic flavors found in each dish.

Rated 5.00 out of 5
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